A Sampling of Published Pieces

I have been a staff writer and editor for publications ranging from the the Los Angeles Daily Journal and California Lawyer magazine to the Wilson Quarterly and Current History, where I am presently employed.  As a freelance writer, I’ve had pieces published in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including the Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Far Eastern Economic Review and Los Angeles Times. Here are links to a small sampling of the articles I’ve written over the years.


A Close-Up of Sumatra on a Wayward Bus,” Los Angeles Times, Feb. 15, 1982

Through Bangladesh by Steamer,” Sawasdee (Thai Air inflight magazine), March-April 1983


California’s Unwinnable War Against Marijuana,” Wall Street Journal, Jan. 8, 1990

Ole MacDonald Had a Subsidy,” Wall Street Journal, February 15, 1995

Career-Criminal Prediction Is Uncertain Science,” Wall Street Journal, Dec. 23, 1986

Immigrants Bring the Cultural Defense Into U.S. Courts,” Wall Street Journal, June 6, 1985

Los Angeles Postcard: Chim-chiminey,The New Republic, October 3, 1992


California’s Drought: The People Who Live in a Desert,” Economist, May 12-18, 1990

Navigating a Watery Way: L.A. River Advocate MacAdams Marches to His Own Beat,” Downtown News (Los Angeles), December 1, 2003

On the Map: Downtown-Based Cartifact Puts a High-Tech Spin on the Wayfinding Field,” Downtown News (Los Angeles), February 27, 2006

Shaking Up His Field: Earthquake Engineer Nabih Youssef Puts Downtown on Solid Ground,” Downtown News (Los Angeles), February 16, 2004

Fighting for Cleaner Air,” The Atlantic Monthly, Sept. 1, 1988


Charles Fletcher Lummis: Character with a Camera,” Cowboys & Indians, March 2017

Jerry Brown Interview: Why You Should Know Who Grew Your Food,” Seasonal Chef, April 1996

Jim Hightower Interview: ‘Investing in a Whole New System of Farming’,” Seasonal Chef, August 2013

Trevett Hooper Interview: Farms in and Near Pittsburgh Rise to Challenge Posed by Creative Chef,” Seasonal Chef, September 2010

Ivor Chodkowski Interview: How a Farmer Created a New Outlet for His Produce by Starting a Restaurant,” Seasonal Chef, November 2012

A View From the Street: Midnight Mission Staffer Uses Personal Struggle to Help on Skid Row,” Downtown News (Los Angeles), November 17, 2003


States’ Shield Laws Might Not Cover Online Journalists,” Online Journalism Review, June 16, 2004

To Fix or Not to Fix: Online Corrections Policies Vary Widely,” Online Journalism Review, July 28, 2004

Internet Pioneer Has Global Reach from a Base in the Heartland,” James Toolbox, Dec. 2, 2014

Novel Marketing Tactics Boost a New Law Firm to Leadership,” James Toolbox, Sept. 2, 2014

Looting Joint Venture to Cost Russian Billionaire,” Courthouse News, May 6, 2014

Patent Attorneys Off the Hook for Malpractice,” Courthouse News, August 1, 2014


More Bangalore for Their Bucks,” Business 2.0, April 2001

Chinese Cinema: Sweet and Sour Images Find an Audience Abroad,” Far Eastern Economic Review, Dec. 22, 1988

Red Flag Over Hong Kong Blue Chips,” Microsoft Investor, Nov. 30, 2001

Taking a Risk in Indonesia,” AsiaWise, Nov. 30, 2001

Singapore: A Victim of Geography,” AsiaWise, June 19, 2001

Hiding Out in Thailand,” AsiaWise, October 31. 2001